Friday, February 16, 2007

Coming Soon From the Stanley Foundation: "Beyond Fear: America's Role in an Uncertain World"

The Stanley Foundation and KQED Public Radio announce a new radio documentary project "Beyond Fear: America's Role in an Uncertain World." The documentary is scheduled for release in spring 2007.

Every day the latest headlines reflect a world filled with fear.

Terrorism, war, disaster, and disease are grim realities brought closer to home in our increasingly connected world. And, they ultimately shape America's national security and foreign policies.

But fear itself cannot drive our daily lives.

"Beyond Fear: America's Role in an Uncertain World" goes beyond the headlines with expert insight and field reporting from Africa, Asia, and Europe and explores new scenarios for US global leadership built on common action, trust, and hope.

David Brancaccio, host and editor of the PBS weekly series NOW, hosts and reports for the special one-hour broadcast. "Beyond Fear: America's Role in an Uncertain World" is produced by Simon Marks, Kristin McHugh, and Keith Porter.

"Beyond Fear: America's Role in an Uncertain World" is a Stanley Foundation production in association with KQED Public Radio.

About the Stanley Foundation
The Stanley Foundation brings fresh voices, original ideas, and lasting solutions to debates on global and regional problems. It is a nonpartisan, private operating foundation that focuses primarily on peace and security issues and advocates principled multilateralism.

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