Friday, May 11, 2007

San Francisco: Sunny and Warm

Simon Marks, Kristin McHugh, and I arrived in San Francisco on what must have been the warmest May day in years. Ninety degree temperatures are not what I expect from the Bay Area, but it was a welcome surprise.

Our panel discussion in the KQED atrium, a preview of "Beyond Fear: America's Role in an Uncertain World," was moderated by NPR's Richard Gonzales. Kristin played her segment from Djibouti along with many slides. Simon, who reported on nuclear issues in Ukraine and India for the radio documentary, gave a preview of a similar piece is is working on for the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Nu Nu Kidane of the Priority Africa Network also served on the panel.

The turnout for the event was small, but the discussion was passionate and invigorating. Special thanks to Gonzales as well as Elaine Shen and her community engagement team from KQED for all their work. I hope we can do this again!
--Keith Porter

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